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About us


Alpin Building EOOD is an established, modern and prosperous company in the field of construction management. It constructs luxury residential and public buildings along the entire Southern Black Sea coast and in the country.

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The company successfully implements internationally established management systems in the following areas – construction, design, restoration, repair, reconstruction, renovation and strengthening of sites of infrastructure, transportation, energy, hydrotechnical, communication and public works, as well as sites at height. Construction and restoration of infrastructure sites, tourist sites, archaeological sites and monuments of culture. Individual types of construction and installation works.

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With our lengthy experience, we have gathered positive feedback from our customers and some of them have become our partners. The experience gained and the results achieved guarantee that Alpin Building EOOD deserves the trust of its current and future customers.

Our long-lasting partnership is built on trust, honesty and professionalism and that gives us the confidence to go ahead with our goals.

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In the joint activity and partnership with world-renowned names and companies in the construction industry, Alpin Building EOOD is recognised as a leader in providing the best complex solutions in all phases of the realisation of a construction project – from the rough state, to the finishing works, to its final finished exterior and interior appearance.

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Mission and values

The mission of Alpin Building EOOD is to provide quality and competitive solutions in the field of high and low construction. Whether it is residential, commercial, holiday or public infrastructure projects, the company is ready to offer the right decisions. With Alpin Building EOOD, you will find a real professional, a stable and reliable business partner ready to meet your requirements and to work fast, with quality and without compromise.

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