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Mission and values

The mission of Alpin Building EOOD is to provide quality and competitive solutions in the field of high and low construction. Whether it is residential, commercial, holiday or public infrastructure projects, the company is ready to offer the right decisions. With Alpin Building EOOD, you will find a real professional, a stable and reliable business partner ready to meet your requirements and to work fast, with quality and without compromise.

The company's vision for development is to create reliable and quality construction in Bulgaria. It is built on three main pillars:
• Winning and preserving the trust and respect of our customers and partners, meeting their needs and properly performing any commitment to them.
• Creating development opportunities for our employees and rewarding success
• Helping to improve the quality of life and development of local communities – our workplace

In its work, Alpin Building EOOD is guided by the following values:

• Ethics – honesty, fairness and integrity
• Stability – quality and reliability of performance
• Security and safety
• Sustainable development for the benefit of the company, customer and society
• Innovation
• Operational achievements